Isayil Thodangudhamma

Yes, it all starts with music. I grew up with music around me, all the time. I wanted to make sure my son would get the same treatment. I was willing to be flexible with the kind of music he wanted to hear- and let the gene pool do the rest. Thankfully, the boy does have a ear for good music.

We experimented with all kinds of music to see what worked for him- ranging from “Maitreem” by M.S.S to “Bhogindra Sayinam” by T.M.K and from “Rakkamma Kaiya Thattu” by Ilayaraja to “Tarif Karoon Kya Uski” by Mohd. Rafi. And the toddler boy has lapped up most of the music he has been offered- quickly with some and taking his time with others. But here was the interesting part- contrary to my preconceived notion of kids taking to fast paced and beats oriented music, the boy took more to Mohd.Rafi and Kishore Kumar. And this fills my heart with a sense of joy, hitherto unknown. 

Why is this important, you may ask?. I grew up listening to the voice of Rafi saab, Kishoreda, Lata and Asha. When we weren’t doing that, it was MDR, SSI, DKJ and MSS. The music still echoes in my ears. I continue to listen to them almost everyday. And this is why it matters that my son appreciates similar music. It makes for a bonding experience over music that reminds of my own childhood with my parents and subsequently with my brother. The ties of music bind a family wonderfully well. And if the music interests are alike, it makes for some wonderful drives and pleasant listening sessions at home. 

Are we having such long hours of musical bliss together- not yet. But we are able to appreciate songs together for 20-30 minutes at a stretch and that is a start- one that fills me with a lot of hope for the coming years.

And to the doyens of music who have been instrumental in this- thank you. 

P.S. The title of the post refers to an excellent song in Hey Ram, composed by the inimitable Ilayaraja. See and listen to the song here. It is worth your time.

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