Audio Quiz (Part 2): Popular Indian ad jingles

Earlier this week, I published the first of a few audio quizzes I had prepared for a family Diwali event. Today, I am offering the second of those quizzes. The theme of this one is popular TV ad jingles- mostly from the 80s and 90s. Many of them originally appeared on Doordarshan while some bled over to satellite TV. This should be much easier (expecting a lot of 10/10s here) than the TV serial one. I have 10 more of the ad set which I will publish in a few days.

The response for the first quiz was interesting. On one hand,  analytics tells me that over a hundred people viewed the post and most of them spent a good amount of time on the page meaning- atleast heard a few of the audio clips. But the actual number of people who took the quiz was much lesser- closer to 10-15%. This tells me one of two things – either the quiz was too hard and folks felt they would not fare well or that it was boring and not worth an attempt. If it was the former, I would like to clear the air- any score is a good score. That is why I ask people to message me in private. Also, it is all for fun. If its the second, would like to hear your feedback on how it could be more interesting.


Moving on to today’s quiz, here we go. Same rules of the game (copied and pasted from the previous quiz):

Rules of the Game:

Each clip is about 30 seconds long with some rare exceptions. Here is how you can play it and keep it interesting for everyone else too.

  1. Listen to each of these clips and make a note of your answers.
  2. Once you are ready, message me your responses.
  3. While you are at it, would love to hear your feedback on how the quiz was and how I can make the next few episodes better.
  4. If you can, do respond to the original posting on Facebook or Google Plus with the fact that you sent me the answers. I will respond back with your score.
  5. Please come back for future episodes of the quiz.


4 thoughts on “Audio Quiz (Part 2): Popular Indian ad jingles”

  1. Hi still awaiting answers
    1. Ajanta clocks
    2. Amul
    3. Gold spot
    4. Cadbury
    7. Pan pasand
    8. Surf
    10. Garden Sarees

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