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Audio Quiz (Part 5): Dialogues from Tamil movies

I am pretty excited to present the fifth in my series of audio quizzes. In addition to the quiz itself, I had so much fun listening to these clips while preparing them. There is humor and pathos and satire and what not in the few seconds you hear from each movie. I really hope you get to enjoy these clips as much as writing the answers back to me.

I took a break from posting these quizzes but the responses continued to flow which is very heartening to note. If you think you know tamil movies, this is the quiz to take. This one is probably the easiest quiz of the lot. I have run it twice and both groups got all answers right. Par for the course would be 13/15.

devar magan

Rules of the Game:

Each clip is about 30 seconds long with some rare exceptions. Here is how you can play it and keep it interesting for everyone else too.

  1. Listen to each of these clips and make a note of your answers.
  2. Once you are ready, message me your responses.
  3. While you are at it, would love to hear your feedback on how the quiz was and how I can make the next few episodes better.
  4. If you can, do respond to the original posting on Facebook or Google Plus with the fact that you sent me the answers. I will respond back with your score.
  5. Please come back for future episodes of the quiz.

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